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Theft Deterrents – PremierGUARD UV Stickers Plus

PremierGUARD UV Stickers Plus combines this versatile, permanent method of recording a vehicle’s unique ID number with extra benefits for your customer. UV Stickers are used to label vehicle body panels with a traceable identification number, and once installed, cannot be removed without leaving a visible imprint of the ID – easily readable by any ultraviolet light. UV Stickers can be applied to the inside driver and passenger side door panels, under the hood and wherever else your customer desires.

What sets our Plus program apart is also exactly what adds to your customer’s benefit – their purchase of a PremierGUARD Plus UV sticker is accompanied by both a Limited Warranty benefit payment and reimbursement for select inconvenience expenses in the event their vehicle is stolen and not recovered.

Primary Benefits

  • Increased customer satisfaction resulting in repeat business and increased automobile sales
  • Increased F&I department revenue
  • Installation possible prior to sale of the vehicle

Customer Benefits

  • Financial interests protected when vehicle is secured against theft
  • Installation may qualify customer for a discount from primary insurance carrier
  • Customer is eligible for payment of a benefit amount if the vehicle is stolen and unrecovered
  • Eligibility for the following additional Limited Warranty benefits:
    • Reimbursement for substitute transportation expenses
    • Reimbursement for trip interruption expenses
    • Reimbursement for towing expenses
    • Reimbursement for storage expenses
    • Reimbursement for primary insurance carrier deductible
    • Reimbursement for homeowner’s insurance carrier's deductible

Underwriting Guidelines

Dealerships must market the PremierGUARD UV Sticker Plus theft deterrent system to all new and pre-owned vehicle purchasers.

  • May require customer to maintain comprehensive insurance coverage on the vehicle in order to be eligible under the Limited Warranty

NOTE: See the PremierGUARD Plus Limited Warranties and Dealer Agreement for a complete explanation of terms, conditions, exclusions, underwriting guidelines and limits of liability. Restrictions may apply. Product availability may vary by state or country.