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Premier Protection – Steer Clear of Bumps Down the Road

For your customers, a vehicle purchase – whether new or pre-owned – is a significant investment, and one that they naturally want to protect. Premier’s collection of protection products helps your customers preserve and extend the life of their vehicle – and its appearance.

Premier Chemical Products are a collection of sealants applied to the interior and exterior surfaces of a vehicle to protect against accidental damage and wear and tear.

  • Paint Protector: Hardened gloss finish to preserve a vehicle's showroom shine
  • Leather/Vinyl Protector: Natural softness and beauty of leather and vinyl sealed against fading and stains
  • Fabric Protector: Invisible barrier of protection against water and oil-based stains
  • Rust Protector: Vehicle panels guarded against rusting from the inside out
  • Undercoat Protector: Cabin noise reducer and undercarriage rust protectant
  • Premier Chemical Wrap: Chemical benefits, provided by another vendor