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Vehicle Maintenance Plans – Premier Maintenance Plan

Your vehicle is an important investment, and one that you want to keep in top working condition, both for its long-term use and potential re-sale. When it comes to maintenance, it’s all about upkeep. Maintenance performed on a consistent schedule reduces the likelihood of mechanical breakdowns and enhances the value of your vehicle at the time of sale or trade-in. With Premier Maintenance Plans, maintaining your vehicle’s good condition is easy, cost-effective and hassle-free.

Primary Benefits

  • Increased dealership loyalty, generating more future auto sales
  • Fixed reimbursements or payments as a percentage of retail available
  • May be sold in F&I or the service department
  • Available on New or Pre-owned vehicles
  • Online sales support though our eSolutions tools
  • Online service authorization – eliminates hold times

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced out-of-pocket expenses for basic maintenance
  • Maintenance services financed with vehicle purchase or lease
  • Terms and intervals of service customized to each buyer
  • Consistent maintenance increases resale or trade-in value of the vehicle

Underwriting Guidelines

All maintenance contracts are cancelable and transferable.

  • Dealerships will be reimbursed for maintenance services performed under the Premier Maintenance Plan; reimbursement level selected by the dealership at time of sign-up
  • High-line vehicles, exotic vehicles and vehicles where maintenance is provided by the manufacturer are not eligible
  • Rental car coverage is available with payment of the rental car surcharge
  • Diesel, synthetic and blended synthetic oil are available with payment of the oil upgrade surcharge
  • Electronic claims approval available for reimbursements of $50 or less

NOTE: Please see a copy of the Customer Certificate and Dealer Agreement for a complete explanation of terms, conditions, exclusions, underwriting guidelines and limits of liability. Restrictions may apply. Product availability may vary by state or country.