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Premier Loyalty Plus offers two great loyalty programs rolled into one – combining the $1,000 purchase credit from Premier Loyalty $1K with the tire replacement reward from LifetimeTIRE. If a customer has all required maintenance services performed at your dealership within the required service intervals, they receive a $1,000 discount on the purchase price of another vehicle from that dealership, in addition to replacement tires equivalent to those on their vehicle at the time of purchase if their tread depth has worn to 3/32″ or below due to normal wear and tear.

Primary Benefits

  • Increased number of customers utilizing your dealership’s maintenance services
  • Increased visibility with customers resulting in repeat vehicle sales

Customer Benefits

  • Provides a discount on the purchase price of the customer’s next vehicle purchase
  • Provides a reward for performing basic maintenance services
  • Replacement tires offer significant value for all drivers – especially high-mileage drivers
  • Consistent maintenance performance reduces the risk of expensive breakdowns and increases the value of the vehicle at time of sale or trade-in

Underwriting Guidelines

The program certificate must be provided consistently to all eligible customers once the target customer group is identified.

  • Program certificate is nontransferable and non-cancelable
  • $1,000 must be used toward purchase of a vehicle at your dealership, no cash value exists for the customer
  • Tires will be replaced when tread depth reaches 3/32" or less due to normal wear
  • Used vehicles must be driven 15,000 miles from the odometer mileage on date of sale before becoming eligible for replacement tires

NOTE: Please see a copy of the Customer Certificate and Dealer Agreement for a complete list of underwriting guidelines, terms, conditions, exclusions and limits of liability. Restrictions may apply. Product availability may vary by state or country.