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GAP – Premier GAP Ultra

Premier GAP Ultra enhances your customer’s level of protection with increased coverage. More than just peace of mind, this program offers your customers enhanced satisfaction if they sustain a total loss of a financed vehicle, and is preferred by many lenders and states.

Our Ultra benefit level is commonly known as “PC Settlement,” “Primary ACV” or “Enhanced ACV.” Actual cash value is defined by the retail value of the vehicle on the date of loss as determined by the primary automobile physical damage carrier, including any tax and fee refunds applied, less any insurance carrier deductible up to $1,000, or the amount paid by a third-party insurer.

Primary Benefits

  • Excellent income opportunity for your dealership
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty with more repeat business, resulting in higher automobile sales
  • Allows dealership exploration of different financing options

Customer Benefits

  • Protection against out-of-pocket expenses due to a total loss
  • Reimbursement for insurance deductible (in most states)
  • Ability to cancel the agreement at any time prior to experiencing a total loss

Underwriting Guidelines

  • The maximum amount financed cannot exceed $125,000 or 150% of the MSRP or NADA retail value
  • The term of the finance contract cannot exceed 84 months
  • The maximum amount payable under the GAP policy is $100,000
  • The vehicle cannot be older than 10 model years
  • Excludes commercial use

NOTE: Please see a copy of the Insurance policy and producer agreement for a complete list of underwriting guidelines, terms, conditions, exclusions and limits of liability. Restrictions may apply. Product availability may vary by state or country. For state availability please check with PDS Sales Support.